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OK, maybe some progress for the rev0 board:

I made an adapter so the ICD2 could be used. I also wrote a stupid little "hello world" program that would blink the LED @ pin 16. There is also an AtoD converter that will take the input from RB0.

Program compiles, etc.

1) Powered up board - pins 40 and 21 measure 4.96 V referenced to pin 20 (control gnd)

IDC2 ok with Vdd - no error

However, I got these warnings from the ICD2:
ICDwarn0052 "ICD2 cannot validate target device"

Ignored this error and tried to program anyway:

ICD0161 "verify failed Test address 0x800000 expected val 0x40080 val read 0x0

One problem may be the connection to the MCLR pin - when connected to the ICD2, it measures about 2.86V - I don't know if this is a problem or not.
Also, the ICD2 manual says "NO capacitor from MCLR to ground, as this will prevent fast transitions of Vpp. A simple pullup resistor is sufficient."

suggestions? Does the PICKIT3 say anything about MCLR?

Thanks a bunch,
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