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Originally Posted by thingstodo View Post

I get a warning when I program with the PICkit 3 - the hex file loads with no errors, but when I verify there is a mismatch at some address. I'll check when I get home.
Thanks a bunch - I remember you were having connectivity problems; hopefully we can all learn from this.

2.86V on a board that uses 5V sounds like a problem - it's too close to 2.5V and not close enough to 3.3V.
Yes, that does seem weird, like it's pulled down or something. The supply pins (21, 40) measure about 5V. I think the MCLR pin was 5V when not plugged into the debugger. I'll double check that.

I did not go through the PICkit 3 documentation. When I plugged it in, it worked, so the manual sits unread.

Here's the manual

Page 20 shows a typical connection. It looks like a 4K7 to 10K0 resistor is typical - no capacitor.
Yes - and on page 21 they explicitly say NOT to have a capacitor from MCLR to ground. Does your board have one? I guess it would be pretty easy to remove it.

Thanks again for your help and suggestions!
- E*clipse

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