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Originally Posted by thingstodo View Post
If you were to modulate the two phases that are not connected to the bridge, I think that you would generate torque (with a Delta motor). Would it make sense to determine the position of the motor and modulate to avoid rotation of the motor (even the little bit of 'slop' in the mechanical linkage, before the car moves)? I think I would rather have the transmission disengaged for this one! Maybe you could alternate between positive and negative rotation and have the motor 'wiggle' a bit ... not perfect!

With a Y connected motor I think it would be harder to prevent rotation. You'd have to turn on both phases, time proportional to the existing motor position, to create torque in both directions .. to cancel each other out .. .. I don't even like it while I'm typing!
Yes, the Y connected motor is what I'm talking about. I see little point to rewinding a motor so you could save the cost/weight of a charger inductor. And yes, it would be a high tech balancing act. There would have to be all sorts of safeties built in so the car wouldn't jump around while charging... However, with FOC, we are talking about very precise magnetic field orientation, so it may be possible.
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