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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Wow! I think they changed their documentation, because they used to say to include a cap on mclr. I'll remove it. Or at least they say to on some of the datasheets for the specific dspic microcontrollers.

edit: it's not the dspic30f4011 datasheet. Maybe I need to lay off the crack.

danibjor: Yes! It's a 90MHz microcontroller with the sensorless code in ROM since they use some sort of new method that they don't want anyone knowing about. They don't use the back emf.
Thanks for tracking that down - I'll remove it and see how things work out. Maybe the PICKIT3's are more robust than the older ICD 2's. Or maybe they're slower and they work with the capacitor there anyway...

Regarding the TI controller vs this project in general - one of the things I LOVE about open source is that everything is open. I really prefer the ability to fix something vs dealing w/ built-in features that may or may not work. So, there may be some rough edges here and there, but generally things have ( I think ) a better possibility of working well. If not, it's fixable.

- E*clipse
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