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I'll start with an Edison quote: (sort of)

"Progress?? We're making tons of progress - we've found lots of stuff that doesn't work!"

Anyway, I removed the capacitor.
I measured the voltage of the 4011's supply pins: 4.96V
I measured the voltage of the MCLR pin without the debugger: 4.96V
I then connected the debugger, which was plugged into a powered up ICD2: 2.81V hmmm.

When I connected MPLAB to the debugger, I got the error message:
ICDWarn0020: "invalid target device (expected 0x101 read 0x0)

I also tried to program it anyway; no love. Same errors as last night.
Right now I'm double checking that I didn't do something like wire the adapter backwards or plug it in backwards...
I really hope it won't break something if the debugger's plugged in backwards..
- E*clipse
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