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I had regular 100MPG on my 63cc scooter, sometimes even 105MPG.
I think it's very possible, when the scooter is variator limited.
Meaning, if the engine is going at max legal speed (in many places that is 30-35MPH), while doing only 5 or 6k rpm. The engine can do more, but the RPM limitation allows it to run less hot, and more efficient, compared to a lower geared scooter, that will do the same speed at 7.5k rpm.

Also, a fuel injected 50cc running 35MPH at about 4-5k rpm could easily exceed 120MPG. 144MPG is a bit hard to attain, but possible, especially when getting rid of the Variator, and install a gearbox (usually tri or quad-speed gearbox).
Speeds above 40MPH tax the 50cc too much, and will make it run less efficient.
Also speeds above 40MPH bring more wind resistance.
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