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It seems that most of the members of this forum have a true hate for people who own or drive SUVs. I think it's more of them semi-anonymously venting their feelings to people on this forum. Why not go out and protest to people who live in any house that is larger than 1000sqft as this is all a person really needs to live in, the rest is a luxury.

My wife and I used to try to figure out why people liked SUVs until the day she was hit by a drunk driver. She was in our little economy Nissan Sentra XE and the other driver was in a early 90's Honda Accord. My wife suffered severe damage to her L4 and L5 disks. It took three years of surgery and physical therapy before she could even remotely get back to the way she was before. Her neurosurgeon told us to either get a much larger vehicle or the next thing she picks out would be a wheel chair. We tried a Toyota Camry wagon but, she was always afraid of getting in another wreck. I found our 2WD Suburban on ebay in early 2001. It's been paid off for four years now and we dread the day we have to get rid of it.

I would ask that all the people in this forum not be so judgmental to people in these things until they truly understand what is keeping many SUV drivers attached to their trucks. I think your time would be better spent resolving fears people have, making them drive a larger and safer vehicle. It's much easier for some of you to slam a Suburban driver than to go slam someone at a local bar when they get in their car inebriated. Get the drunks off the road and I will crush my Suburban!!!
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