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Ok, now the blinky light is under control of the throttle.

So, I guess I have a good enough handle on things to do some useful work.

What do think about having a stripped-down "base" code that works with the current hardware. This idea came as I thought about stripping "sensorless.c" down to a "senseless.c" This is to assist my little noggin' in seeing the big picture.

This code would put out a sinusoidal PWM signal and measure current and throttle position. Perhaps other features, like contactor control, and other AtoD measurements could be built into this core.

It would be considered a solid foundation on which to build features like FOC and sensorless control. The base sinusoidal output would use a look-up sin table, with the frequency set in a volts/hz mode.

Hopefully I haven't suggested anything new here - it seems to be operating a little bit like this even under the newest sensorless code.

The new features, like sensorless control could be added as either code within the main or maybe sub-programs in a build.

This might facilitate programming different options, like sensorless code, encoder input, resolver input, FOC for asynchronous motors, FOC for synchronous motors, etc etc...

In fact, if things were done well, a "build" would just have the useful parts for that application. This might save computer time/memory.


- E*clipse
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