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Reading the patent <>

There is a reference to 1.5hp motors that *can* be found for e-bikes (and have been used with higher voltage supplies).

Interestingly (numbers referencing a schematic drawing):

"Electric motor 44 is supplied with operating current by one or more batteries. A first battery 52 may be the usual lead-acid storage battery that provides power for a starting motor (not shown) for internal combustion engine 12, which is conventionally located in the engine compartment of vehicle 10. A second battery may be an auxiliary gel battery 54 located in the vehicle 10 at a place other than the engine compartment, as for example in the trunk of the vehicle. However, it is preferable that the existing battery be upgraded to a high output gel cell. In some circumstances, especially for heavier vehicles, the second gel cell placed in the trunk of the vehicle should be a high output gel cell. Preferably, the alternator used in the vehicle should have an output of 100 amperes or more, achieved by replacement of the alternator, if necessary."

Could one patent the plug-in option for this? (sorry, I don't have the $10k+ for a patent application... and Toyota probably has it already)
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