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I've been running a quick grill block on it for a few weeks also and I believe there is plenty of cooling for all bit the hottest days now. I've even increased my speed to 55 from 53 and still make it the full 41.5 miles wroth almost no gas usage. I run into some headwind almost every day, which makes comparing hard but I have a tailwind for the other trip so it's a wash. I live in Kansas and work on a wind farm so I can't complain.

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I wouldn't bet the farm on it. Warning systems are not designed to anticipate owners modifying the car. The Volt's cooling system is massively complicated. (The factory service manual for my early cars ran a couple hundred pages, for my 1987 Audi, 800 pages, for the Volt ~6000 pages!)

The Chevrolet Volt Cooling/Heating Systems Explained - GM-VOLT : Chevy Volt Electric Car Site GM-VOLT : Chevy Volt Electric Car Site

Five radiators in 4 layers! A good sized stone in the wrong place can and has caused $2000 worth of damage. One reason not a lot of Volt activity has appeared on modder is that it's a ~$35000 car, not a 1982 Hondaru worth 500 bucks. Also, it's hard to improve upon something so well optimized from the get-go. My ~stock Volt has a 82 mpg lifetime history and costs ~$550 per 10,000 miles to power, running 50/50 on gas and electricity. DOUBLING its efficiency would save me $200/year and modding isn't going to come close to that.

I'd suggest studying the owner's manual and before embarking on any major projects. YMMV.
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