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[QUOTE=thingstodo;495883]For the cheap and easy solution, are the targets glued to the motor shaft? Is there a machined or perhaps an off-the-shelf ring slid over the shaft that has 3 or more targets? It would seem easier to keep a ring balanced than to glue targets perfectly on a round shaft ...[/QUOTE

In some ways my perspective may be clouded by my shop. You're right - gluing magnets around a shaft would probably not work.

Do you have any access to a lathe, maybe through work?
If you did have a ring with magnets, do you have access to the shaft?

I'm just thinking aloud; I think it would be a reasonable thing to make. I have made a quadrature encoder wheel for a test. However, it's probably much easier to get the encoder working on your existing motor.

- E*clipse
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