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Originally Posted by e*clipse View Post
Do you have any access to a lathe, maybe through work?
If you did have a ring with magnets, do you have access to the shaft?
I have no access to a lathe nor skills to use it.

I DO, however, work at an industrial mill and perhaps could work out an exchange with one of our machinists. I picture a 2 inch diameter disk maybe a half inch thick - mild steel - with a few 'teeth'. An inductive proximity switch could sense the metal, but the prox would need to be within about 1/4 inch of the face 'teeth'.

I have access to the outboard (second) shaft of the DC motor. Mounting would not be a problem.

I have access, for now, to the motor shaft on the AC motor when it is coupled to the DC motor. Mounting may be a challenge for me.

There is no access to the motor shaft on the AC motor once it goes into a car besides the output shaft, which will be buried by the coupler to the transmission/clutch/etc. Mounting within the transmission housing is *WAY* beyond my skill level.

However, it's probably much easier to get the encoder working on your existing motor.
Agreed. I will start with that.

EDIT - found an off-the-shelf 'target ring' - kinda pricey but if you don't have access to a machine shop .. it could be less than an encoder that will survive mounting in a car?

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