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There is only 1 way to work and it is very hilly. It runs north and south which is our primary wind direction. I have no other choice but to just drive it as is or modify. I prefer modify.

Originally Posted by jray3 View Post
While finding a different route that is more advantageous to slow-rolling, fewer stops, or more coasting than the usual can help, the following is just for fun...

Hey Drew- any chance one leg is significantly downhill? I have a 550 foot loss of elevation during the last few miles of my morning commute, so can recover a fair bit at that point. (Will hit a terminal velocity of over 80 mph in Neutral on that hill!) I'm ready to play with a water bladder that adds mass for more intertia on the way down, and then gets drained before the climb back home! Gotta install the drain valve in front of the right rear tire so I can stop and take a leak on some victim.

Seriously though, that 550 feet of elevation is worth 745 joules or 0.20694 Watt-hrs per pound. Put on 200 pounds (24 gallons) of water, and there's a potential energy of 41.38 Watt-hours, or about enough to push my car for 1/4 of a mile farther than otherwise. Not worth the effort, but oughtta be measurable... Of course, more regen is not as good as more coasting, if you can.
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