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Ok, file sent.

Ok, now this brings up another issue, kind of an "open source" issue, if you will.
I know this has been dealt with very well by the folks involved with Ubuntu.

How do we do this so Paul can keep blazing ahead with the sensorless and PI parts of the code, without having problems if someone adds a "blinky light" routine?

Should certain parts be "frozen"? Which parts?

I very much like your organizational ideas, btw. I need to be able to tear things down and try a bunch of stuff with a working copy though. Although quite a bit of stuff isn't changing, so I think it will be pretty practical for you to work on what you are talking about, and I use a copy based on something that has been reorganized.
For now, I'll look into that interrupt and how a resolver can tie into it. No coding, just learning.

BTW, here are some interesting statistics based on the latest build:
This is for the dsPIC30F4011:
Program memory used: 31431 bytes (64%)
Data Memory used: 1830 bytes (89%)
Maximum dynamic memory: 218 bytes

- E*clipse
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