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Originally Posted by WindyDrew View Post
I'll pull my pans off today and take pictures. I used an expanding plumbers plug, from the local hardware store. I used an 18 inch pizza pan from amazon but when I measured the wheel, it turns out they are like 20 inches to the rubber. I'll write up a how to tonight.

To the torque hitch, I love mine. I bought one of those aluminum luggage carriers from harbor freight and it works perfect as is. Everything I've put on it so far has been out of the wind stream so it hasn't effected my range. Hauled some oil jugs and it worked likea charm. Way better than leaking on my carpet.
It's definitely larger than 17". I thought 18" would be enough, but maybe an even larger pan is needed. There are some 19" pans also.

I've been looking at Amazon too. Walmart only had up to a 16".
New Star 50912 Aluminum Wide Rim Pizza Tray Pizza Pan, 18-Inch, Set of 6
I don't have enough posts for links yet...

I'll need a full trunk, so I was thinking that the Rola 59110 would work. Not cheap, but has a water proof enclosure and a tray when needed.
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