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oil changed yesterday

Yeah! I just got my oil changed yesterday. I've just recently pumped my 44 psi max tires up to 41 psi (and I'm hoping someone more knowledgeable can tell DotorP82 and me if this is good or can we go more). I was just glancing at the invoice telling me all of the things they "checked". There it was, right down near the bottom in black and white, both front and back tires measured at 30 psi. Hmmmm. The guy didn't mention anything to me when he handed me the keys expect for "...everything looks good and I reset your oil change gauge for you." ( I hope he wasn't looking for a tip.) With my little 12v pump it took a lot of time to pack another 10 psi into those babies so now I'm hoping he cut some corners. Whew! As it turns out, they were all still sitting at the 41 psi. I'm ready to go higher if that is generally understood to be better and still safe. Anybody?
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