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Originally Posted by thingstodo View Post
web and phones and park and drive and entertainment .. how about I call this one the 'Firewall' communications micro. That micro sends data via something - CANBUS or Serial? - the next Micro. How about 'DMZ' micro, that does throttle and brakes, boost controller, maybe charger, allow change from Drive to Neutral to Park, interlocks so you don't drive the car away while plugged into the charger, sends some data back to the Firewall, sends the rest - CANBUS or Serial - to the dsPIC that does FOC in interrupts. dsPIC receives information required from DMZ in main, non-interrupt process. And takes the latest value of info needed to send back to DMZ.
It appears that none of this is original. Oh well. I guess I read it over at EVTV and recalled it in my own way .. does that count?

From the description above:
- substitute the DMOC645 AC controller for the dsPIC
- substitute the GEVCU for the DMZ, and the communication is CANbus
- substitute the bluetooth/802.11 wireless board as the Firewall, communication is I2C ( I think) from the board to the GEVCU

One of the good parts is that the GEVCU is open source but the bluetooth/wireless board is not. I think I had mentioned that some time ago - the code, the board layouts, et al. I'll go through the forums when I get a chance and see if they had problems somewhere and would do it differently next time around.
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