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Hi hope this is allowed. I have just bought a new to me peugeot 406 estate with 2.0 auto. Need it as my left leg has serious cartilidge damage and problems in my left shoulder after breaking collar bone years ago and not knowing. My gearing 28mph in top which seems high for a 1 1/2-3/4 ton car. Gov mpg at 56 is 35 imperial mpg. I can match that now with only putting tyre pressures up to 40psi and no other mods. Looking for 40mpg as other posters have said rear bumper/parachute is worst offended. Car is other wise clean aero wise. Most of my driving is around the 2000/2200 rpm no matter what the speed limit is. 40mph is 2000 rpm in 3rd 60mph is 2100rpm in 4th. Not bad for an auto to have gearing to match speed limits. Also have as std a snow button and power button. Only likely to us snow button in winter as it locks out 1st gear for pulling away on slippery surfaces. This is a almost identical set up to the wifes subaru outback 3.0. Gearing is 30mph per 1000 revs. Get about 29-30mpg on same run as peugeot. So either peugeot is over geared of subaru is under geared. Proves all autos are not thirsty but require a different style of driving. I usually just very lightly rest foot on throttle and let the box do rest. All changes occur below 2500 rpm some as low as 2000 rpm depending on road.

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