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iDuino MPGuino

I have been in talks with Kevin at Fundamental Logic for a while. We have talked about the possibility of making a kit specifically for the iDuino MPGuino that would be exceedingly simple to put together (for people like me that really have no background in electrical engineering). You can buy almost everything you need from them, and it is WAY less expensive than going to RadioShack. I opted to use the 8 pin female headers as a way of making the iDuino easily removable should I ever need to. I have spent a lot of time working with the diagram from another thread, so it will be much more "plug and play" for me when everything comes in.

Parts you can get from Fundamental Logic's site:Parts you will need from elsewhere:
  • 1 LCD
    16x2 LCD Module While Characters Blue Backlight
    Or a green one from sparkfun or mouser
  • 1 220 ohm resistor (RadioShack, 5 for $0.99)
  • 2 100K resistors (RadioShack, 5 for $0.99)
  • 1 7805 voltage regulator (RadioShack, $1.59)
  • Solderable Breadboard (RadioShack, $3.49)
  • Wire (free if you can - seriously, watch in parking lots for wire!, $1.00 for phone line or ethernet cable at a dollar store, or new at Wal-Mart or RadioShack)
  • 1 Quick-Disconnect (if desired, free from old devices like computers/printers/phones/phone jacks, or $3.99 for a 4 wire quick-disconnect from RadioShack)
  • 1 Enclosure (Hobby Lobby, 4 for 1.99)
I stole the original schematic from dcb's thread, so hopefully he doesn't hate me for it! That thread has been going for a lot longer than this one, so it may contain lots of information that people would find useful.

I built my iDuino using the instructions from Fundamental Logic's web site (v2, v3). Then I got it all programmed up, but being a novice I didn't realize that I had to have the 55+ MB file downloaded and ready to go... that took a while! I wound up finding a good page for help on the Arduino. Here is the page for "how to" install the programs on it. Really easy. Here is a link to Post #46 of this thread. cmags does a good job of describing the process for installing the software onto the iDuino.

The iGuino is all wired up in the car. I am currently running v0.71 of the software, and have been able to confirm that it is in working order. Here are picutres of the build.

The basic design I tried to follow. I think I actually switched things around a bit so the 7805 would have it's large metal side facing out (maybe it will reject heat better?).

The board I used from RadioShack, sectioned to match the size of the LCD screen.

I started by soldering the "small things" in place.

I then used the iDuino to keep the 8 pin female headers vertical and soldered it all in place. I had to sand the edges of the female headers to make them able to butt up to each other.

Then I attached the "large components", the 7805 and the large capacitor. I used a 470uF cap, but the recommended is a 330uF.

With everything in place be sure to clip all your leads down close. You don't want them shorting out to each other do you? (correct answer "No.")

I then wired up the screen and the buttons. I used some of the left over board to attach my buttons to, works great.

After attaching my "quick disconnect" (I would really like something better than this cable, it really is quite a pain), I used some string to hold it all together. Here's a couple pictures of how it currently looks.

The whole mess of wires between the display and the iShield will be moved so they connect on the other side. This will save some thickness and allow me to use the large channel that the female headers leave.

Before installing in your car, it may be useful to check out the MPGuino Tests wiki by dcb. He shows different readings you should get between different posts, which may save some significant headaches.

With the wires moved to the other side of the iShield, it is possible to fit the iGuino into a small interlocking storage box! These 3.25" x 1.5" x 1.5" boxes are from Hobby Lobby. It is a tight fit, but perfect for the iGuino!

Here are some more pictures, lots of angles. The clearness of the box could be fixed if you don't like it... mine is held closed with packaging tape, can't even see it.


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