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Arminius -

Good find. It will be interesting to see if it pans out. I am a huge believer in RETROFIT solutions because we can't change the makeup of the existing American automobile fleet overnight. Ecomodder is all about retrofitting.

bikin' Ed -

Originally Posted by bikin' Ed View Post
It sounds like a good idea to me, but there sure isn't a lot of detail offered on the site. That part scares me. I also question the belt drive bing enough to motivate my 4000 lb. sled reliably.
Yeah, I agree. It sounds like a smaller version of this :

Electrocharger / Retrofit Hybrid :: Sigma Automotive
The ELECTROCHARGER is powered by a Super Capacitor Battery Pack (SCBP) that is located in the trunk of the vehicle which provides juice to the motor instantly on demand. When not adding power to the engines crankshaft, the ELECTROCHARGER switches to generator mode, thereby maintaining the SCBP at it's full State of Charge (SOC) and providing power for the vehicle electrical system. If the SCBP should become depleted, then under normal driving conditions, the SCBP can be charged back up in as little as 8 minutes, but this is unlikely due to regenerative braking. An optional stand-alone charger is available if your into drag racing and need a faster charging time without cruising around.
The above version looked like a "truck only" solution because of it's size. And, it never seemed to get out of the R&D stage. It's been "in development" since 2004!!!!! :

Sept 1st, '04: Electrocharger will be unveiled at the '04 SEMA Show in Las Vegas on a '05 Pontiac Vibe GT courtesy of GM & the Pontiac Division.
What I like about the fuel pup is that it *looks* like it would fit in my car. The $1500 price is a bit less than what I expected the Electrocharger to cost.


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