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More picture dump. I'm about to go put the headlights back on the car and find somewhere to aim them.

I ended up not using JB Weld to fix the projectors in place; I modified the stock mounting brackets to accept the LED projectors, dremeling quite a bit off.

Then, I attached with nuts, bolts, and generous amounts of Loctite, centering them on the bracket, using the stock cutoff (marked with pen before dremeling) to get the rotation right, and checking by measuring distances from the top and side edges of the housing and comparing with the stock projectors.

I used a PVC pipe fitting from Menard's to fill the hole in the rubber gasket behind the lowbeam, drilling out the center to pass the connector through and using silicon to seal the hole (not pictured). The LED controller and all wiring are inside the headlight housing.

Baked back together and ready to go on the car:

I removed the orange reflector to give them a little cleaner look.

The halogens had a 3" lens, and the LEDs only 2.5", so I had some leeway. They aren't perfectly centered, but close enough for government work.


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