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Need to know more about power steering

I want to convert a truck into something of a plug in hybrid. Remove all the belt drive accessories and convert them to electric. Also need to install some sort of regenerative braking.

I've been a little confused about the power steering system. I know what kind of output the belt driven pump is capable of, but how much does the steering box actually use in terms of flow? I know there is a lot of talk about people converting to small electric hydraulic pumps for PS, but will that work on a truck? Does a truck steering box require too much power? (29" tires)

Can anybody tell me what is actually required in terms of GPM? Is there any flow through the steering box when you are not turning? How much flow is required to make a turn? I would like to have some sort of hydraulic accumulator, I'm wondering if could run the steering from this for any length of time? I'm thinking part of the regenerative braking could be to recharge the hydraulic accumulator for the power steering.

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