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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
I expect this thread will be of use to you:
That's a lot like what I was thinking. A simple 12v hydraulic pump rated at about 2GPM. Problem is the duty cycle is usually kind of low, like 1 min on, 5 min off.

I thought about an electric clutch, but I like the idea of having no belts at all. Nothing on the front engine pulley.

The other reason I was thinking about a hydraulic accumulator is to possibly install a hydraulic starter. This way I could start and stop the engine more frequently for coasting and idling.

But I have no idea if the same accumulator would have any usefulness for the power steering? It could be relatively simple to rig up a power steering pump to the drive shaft, and engage this during braking. Use that to refill the hydraulic accumulator for regenerative braking.

I may also convert to hydroboost brakes, because it is an old diesel truck (F250) and I will need a pretty large electric vacuum pump to power the brakes. It currently has a belt drive vac pump and vacuum boosted brakes.

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