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This is the pump I was thinking about:
edit: Sorry, can't post link, I don't have enough posts yet. It's available at Surplus Center for $200. 1.4 GPM at 2500 PSI, more GPM at less PSI. 1 min on/5 min off duty cycle. 200 amps at 12v. (for 2500 PSI)

If the PS required 1000 PSI or less, it would probably be enough to power it for turns and such. Duty cycle is questionable. Probably puts out more flow than an economy car pump does.


If I hooked that pump up to a small hydraulic accumulator, with a pressure switch to turn the pump off when full, will hydraulic fluid continue to flow through the steering box? Would I need some kind of valve to turn the box "off" when I'm not turning?

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