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The Knolle Magnetrans System

The Knolle Magnetrans system is an endless continuous passenger transit system having small cars moving along a fixed guideway. Embedded in the guideway is a tubular prime mover performing the same function as a cable in a cable-car system. The prime mover is driven by widely spaced stationary linear induction motors. The passenger cars are attached to the prime mover at fixed intervals and are pulled along by it. The wheelless cars are suspended magnetically over the track with permanent magnets in repulsion. The prime mover physically manipulates the cars to come to a crawl in stations. Passengers board dynamically from juxtaposed moving platforms. The basic mechanism is covered by U.S. Patent No. 3,320,903, Re 26,676; held by Ernst G. Knolle, inventor. A full-scale prototype vehicle and short test track has been built.


One of the primary requirements for this is that the sideways Centre of Pressure should be behind the Centre of Gravity. The C of P. is a point through which we can consider the total wind force on the side area of the bike to act.
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