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Carpooling really does work

I know this is a no brainer but I thought I would share the savings from me and 2 co-workers who are now carpooling to and from work.

We should have done this earlier since all 3 of us live within a mile of each other.

Me: Acura Integra @ 32MPG (I hypermile so this number could increase)
Co-worker 1: Nissan 350Z @ 21MPG
Co-Woker 2: Dodge Truck @ 13MPG

Round Trip 30miles : 150miles a week
Me: 4.69Gal @4.20 = $19.70/week
CW1: 7.14Gal @4.30 = $30.70/week
CW2: 11.5Gal @4.10 = $47.15/week

I Drive: 4.69Gal @4.20 = $19.70/week
(-)1 sports car on the road
(-)1 truck on the road
Total savings per week $77.85 or $311.40/Month

If I charge them $10/week to drive we all save big time.

Another interesting thought is we are now buffered if from some reason gas prices were to double or triple overnight we would still be ahead of the game compared to all of us driving our own car.

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