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Originally Posted by dann_04 View Post
Hi, i have a 2003 civic si with electronic power steering. It is great because there is no pully to steal power from the engine and it only causes more load on the alternator when being used. But my problem is that when i eoc and have to turn, it first turns like no power steering which is fine, but after i put a certain amount of force on the wheel, it abruptly kicks in and causes some serious issues with trying to perform nice controlled turns. It's like you have 10lbs of resistance till you get to 1/4 turn and then 0lbs resistance in a split second. Very hard not to jerk the car really bad in the direction of the turn. Anyone else have these issues? It's nice afterwards because the power steering stays on and turns are as easy as with the car on. Just curious if there is someway to disable it while the car is off or maybe if you only put a certain amount of force on it it doesn't engage? I don't want to eoc into turns anymore because of it, but it's great for getting to work and i turn it off and coast into the lot and then into a spot.

Also forgot to mention, sometimes when eoc'ing to a stop and i start to use the brakes, my anti-lock brakes have been kicking in on dry pavement, but only with the engine off, any ideas?

I get the same thing, its not you turning it, its time. Mine always takes about 10-15 seconds to kick back in. Turn off a little sooner, and wait, it will steer like normal once it kicks back in.
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