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PICS! Econo Car conversion to Kubota Diesel. 1997 Geo Metro, Kubota D1005 3 cylinder

Like you, I like cars. I like working on them, driving them, modifying them... pretty much everything about cars with the exception of body work.

I've owned a long list of cars and enjoyed every one of them; from the VW Thing to the Porsche Cayman. I've rebuilt some VW diesels, some gas engines, some motor scooters, and tons of other junk.

For every 1 project I've finished I've started 3, and considered 100.

In an effort to not lose focus, to draw on your enthusiasm, and to document my efforts I've decided to start this build thread, right here on Ecomodder.

First up, the patient:
A 1997 Geo Metro.
It's worse than it looks and has very few redeeming qualities. The seller was either dumb or slick. The buyer (that's me) was foolish and too eager.

Engine Removed:

And, the "new" engine before being parted from the generator head:
Click on it for the video of the startup:

And the engine, after all of the "stuff" was pulled off:

Game on, I suppose!

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