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Originally Posted by iamnotahippee View Post
and not be gambling with the safety of yourself and others with half baked modifications that may or may not keep your steering and brakes functional.
There is nothing more "gambling with safety" or "half baked" about this than most of the other posts in this section. Both brakes and steering still work at reduced power with the engine/pumps off. I'm not a little girl, I drove a one ton Chevy with a broken PS pump for years. And I'm not a complete moron, I am capable of working on my vehicle without killing people. An accumulator is a device that saves a hydraulic charge so that you still have power in the event of a pump failure.

Originally Posted by iamnotahippee View Post
If you are using an electric pump that requires 200 amps, you won't be able top delete the alternator.
It's intermittent, and only 200 amps at 2500 PSI. (PS system is less than half that pressure) And 200 amps is still easily doable with batteries; however, you might notice this post is mainly about regenerative braking. Regardless of what the pump motor is rated at, it will only use roughly the same amount of power as those Toyota and other OEM electric power steering pumps people like to use, plus a little more, because it's a truck and not a car.

I may build a bearingless/brushless alternator around the unused crankshaft pulley, much like a lawnmower uses, but it would have a switch to turn it off most of the time. Brakes will also recharge the batteries.

I'm not going to get into the "why" discussion, it's not relevant here. It's just what I want to do. Let's talk about technical facts here. I could ask why you would ever buy a Prius, but...

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