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Originally Posted by Piotrsko View Post
big pieces of copper require large quantities of watts which is only restriction. I have a Dillon oxy acet torch that will dial down to a 1/64 x 1/4 flame tip at 6500 degrees for making jewelry. a resolder oven should work with 60/40 leaded solder and a good paint on flux paste and pre tinned everything. heck a harbor freight hot air gun should work with through holes. EASY PEASY.

trying now to convince chief finance officer that I REALLY need one of these. hurry up
LOL about the CFO...

Thanks a bunch for the encouragement! Guess I need to play with this a bit. I have used both the toaster-oven and hot air reflow soldering methods with tiny stuff.

My main worry is overheating the parts. The reflow soldering methods have pretty specific ramp up ramp down times. I wonder if the relatively huge heat sinks would hurt the IC's. Maybe a person could put the finished part on a big chunk of cold aluminum or copper to speed up the cool-down part?

- E*clipse
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