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Originally Posted by Piotrsko View Post
Take a lesson from the gamers. If it dont conduct electricity who cares where it leaks? Mineral oil isnt maybe so efficient thermally BUT.....A lot can be said for dumping your electronics in a pool of coolant be it tranny fluid or baby oil. Thermal mass sinks are rather nice.
Funny - that's kind of the conclusion I came to last night. I did have a bad experience using water on one of my previous computers. Ruined the MB with a tiny leak. So, no conductive coolants - like you say they may perform better, but who cares.

I'm going to attempt to keep the stuff away from the control board, but let it flow all over the power electronics/power bus and capacitor. They all need cooling anyway.

With that statement, there is a lot of simplification - less than 1/2 the leak points.

It would probably be good to make a weep hole or something to indicate leakage is occuring.

On some other notes - Has anyone found a very good **awesome** single pin connector that could be used on the gate pin? It would be nice to allow some disassembly.

Also, I think I've resolved the current sensor issue - it can be one that lies flat on the main circuit board with the power pin sticking straight up through the circuit board. This means there will be no extra wires - woo woo!

Oh yea - thoughts on one big sealed connector, like the OE ECU connectors for all the other I/O? Yes, it would require a harness, but I'm pretty comfortable with that issue.

- E*clipse
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