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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Do not power the brakes with anything but the master cylinder. I have worked on equipment that uses hydraulic power to actuate the brakes. Just don't do it.
For one the hydraulic brake proportioning valves cost around $800.
Why alter the brake system when you can power the brake booster with a $60 vacuum pump with tank and its a fail safe?
I'm talking about hydroboost brakes as I have said over and over. They run off the power steering system and require very little flow. An accumulator, even a small one, would work fantastically as part of this system. It is what they are using from the factory on at least some medium duty trucks now.

And hydroboost brakes work better than vacuum brakes.

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
How are you going to get a hydraulic motor to move the vehicle?
These are fairly large, very expensive and heavy.
Accumulators are expensive and very big and you have to have some where to put all that fluid when not in the accumulator.
I was mostly joking, but all the assumptions you are making are wrong. Just browse what Surplus Center has to offer. Hydraulic motors are stupid cheap and relatively small. A hydraulic motor is a pump and a pump is a motor, depending on whether power is being input or hydraulic pressure applied. A hydraulic motor could be tied to the engine like a belt assist hybrid, or some other place in the driveshaft. It allows for easy regenerative braking into an accumulator, which entirely removes the need for batteries in a hybrid. They are already doing this in big trucks, google hydraulic hybrid.

Yes, accumulators are expensive, but so are batteries, and they last much longer. Accumulators can be built with nothing more than heavy pressure vessels and some plumbing.
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