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That's what I was afraid of.

I'll post an edit so folks won't be mislead by that...

I've E-mailed SBE about this - "we are not in the business of designing inverters..."

Yea, but a tip toward a good reference would be nice...

The main issue I see comes down to this: The motor has an inductance and resistance that probably is important for a good design. The bus characteristics are significantly smaller (both inductance and impedance) yet SBE makes a BIG deal on their website about reducing inductance by using a planer bus:
Sooo, perhaps there are two affects happening here - needing to smooth out the bus ripple with a certain amount of capacitance AND needing to deal with overshoot and various switching issues by reducing inductance and impedance within the inverter.

The way that paper dealt with stuff, the motor's inductance completely dominated. This reduced any affects from bus inductance, etc. to "not important at all."

How did you spec the one you're using?

- E*clipse

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