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Originally Posted by JRMichler View Post
Keep in mind that a power steering system needs a manual backup mode that works with any possible power assist failure.
You're right, the ram steering wouldn't work for that reason, but no, I'm not ever going to drive a truck without power steering again.

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Put together a parts list we a curious to see what you are using and how much it will cost.
I might post some updates along the way but I do not plan on doing a detailed write up. I'm far from the first person to ever convert to electric PS. It does seem like maybe you and I are the first ones to ask how much flow is really needed.

There are really very few parts involved, and most can come from Surplus Center at surplus prices. It's just standard hydraulics more or's just that a steering box is different than most other hydraulic "stuff".

I do think that a hydraulic accumulator is a good replacement for at least some of the battery bank in a hybrid, due to the extreme cost of batteries and limited life. Think of it kind of like an ultracapacitor, but cheaper. It's a really good way to reabsorb the braking power. But putting it back into the steering doesn't help a lot either, since the steering really doesn't use a lot of power with an electric pump.

Much of my interest in hydraulics for the truck has to do with the fact I want a hydraulic starter. It would crank the engine at darn near idle speed for instant starts, and have a much higher duty cycle than electric starters. I'm also looking into electric oil pumps for the engine and trans to keep the oil flowing while the engine is off for only a short time. During my normal commute, I can coast for up to 6 miles in different places with the engine off at the speed limit. I want to get rid of idling almost entirely.

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Do you know anything about hydraulic controls and instrumentation?
Yes, quite a bit. Not quite as much about automotive PS systems though.

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