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RE: 17% pay raise for life by owning a Arcimotor

Yeah, I see that now. The Ellio may have broader maker having an ICE, heater, and A/C, but it is obviously a unicorn and will stay that way at $6,800. It would take double that and a much better launch plan to bring it to life.

If both were offered today at the same price I would go Ellio as Arcimotor won't work up here in the Polar Vortex. If I lived on the west coast Arcimotor wins hands down.

Ellio is lost and does not seem like they have a chance of connecting with their target market. A 84 mpg ride for $6,800 just is not compelling enough in the face of $2 gas.

Now saving the environment and getting a 17% pay raise for life very, very compelling.

Source: Americans Spend Nearly 50% of Their Income On These Two Things - ReadyForZero Blog

Now Arcimotor 214MPGe would be like winning the lottery! I think Arcimotor is smart and watched Ellio over promise, hype and take lots of money in reservations and is avoiding that trap.

My bottom dollar is that they have a plan to crush it and will do so. The key is to connect with people like Apple does and win hearts and minds not quote stats.
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