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Hello from Sweden!

Hi everyone.

I am not new to Eco tune your car or trying to drive fuel efficient ...

I found out of this forum by recommendations on a Swedish ethanol forum. With E85 in your fuel tank you maybe more concerned about fuel consumption because the fact it has about 30% less energy per liter than regular gas.

I have several old cars and because of the tax laws in Sweden diesels aren't that economic if you don't drive a lot. My recent commuter car and off course hobby and project car is my Audi, a -96 A4 FWD with 1,8 liter turbocharged engine. Stock power is 150hp.

Naturally I have done some modifications sutch as converted the engine for E85 104 octan ethanol fuel. The car runs smooth an good without any sign of hammering, pinging or misfire. But I have some cold start problems. At temperatures of about 15 deg C or lower I have problems starting cold. Proberbly because the cold start program in Ecu is to lean for ethanol. If I floor the pedal when starting things get easier but not easy.

I have replaced th injectors with bigger and now recently replaced exhaust manifold and turbo. Just now in testing and trimming in state. I hade som boost problems with the new turbo so I think I had a quite lean run before adjusting boost pressure. I'm now running at 0.9bar (13psi) for safe reason. 0.7bar (10psi) is stock setting.

I plan to delete viscofan and power steering and to do some aero mods.

Best regards

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