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The safety is fine, it's a motorcycle. Elio seems to try and haze this issue talking airbags and crash tests. That is another reason they are dooming themselves to unicorn status or large price jumps. They will score terribly if they run the full NHTSB tests on the Elio and all they are doing is adding big costs. The whole point of the 3 wheels is to circumvent laws that apply to cars so it can be light, cheap, and get good gas mileage. I think that 84 MPG claim won't be based on any EPA standard test either. That will be a "here we are driving down the highway at 60 mph and the instant gauge is reading 84 mpg" kind of test.

Bottom line, theses are safer motorcycles, not safer cars. Try to sell people on safety and they all will be bankrupt the first time a couple people end up horribly killed in a crash that would have been easily survived had they been in a Camary. Million dollar lawsuits from families who were told it was a safe car. Heck, Hyundai lost 81 million (which was reduced from a 250 million dollar jury award) in a lawsuit here when a crappy 6 year old car with over 100,000 miles on it supposedly broke a steering knuckle and killed a couple kids in a head-on.
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