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I hear you guys on the measurement issue. Boy, did you check out what SBE is doing to get good numbers?? Cripes, you need a university EE lab to do that stuff:
Check out their planer bus design. I honestly think the design I posted here will be one step better.

I think it would be good (from a design, not running necessarily) perspective to get accurate, synchronized data of the phase currents (just between the inverter and motor) Also It would be interesting to see the current on the bus - before and after the bus capacitor.

Maybe it would be possible to use those little hall effect sensors that go on top of a bus bar?

On another note, I managed to get the model closer to reality. I've added switch resistances on all phases and losses on the low side. Originally, I had one motor phase leg go directly to ground. Obviously that's not true. I also rotated the model to another quadrant of operation, where one phase leg feeds the other two.

All this complication is making the model more accurate, in that the battery current and phase leg currents are getting closer to reality. I just discovered that there are more accurate "lossy" inductor models - if these work, the model will "look" a lot more simple. There is also a 3-phase transformer model. Perhaps this would be the way to more accurately model the motor?

- E*clipse
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