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hmmm... i guess maybe it is a time limit lol. Anyway i don't know if a kill switch would help. In normal cars the engine dies and the pully stops so the power steering in ours i guess it wouldn't reset the circuit so maybe it would work. I dunno, i just started eocing this tank so we'll se what i get. My last tank was 37.86, it's rated for 25 and i'm shooting for 40. As for killing it via the fuel pump i don't know if that's a good idea, because normally there is still some pressure(on most cars to change fuel filter you pull the fuel pump fuse and run the car till it dies(takes like 30 seconds sometimes)) so you would hit the kill which would kill the pump then you would run until your engine got lean enough to die. Doesn't sound good for the engine to me. I'll try to look/think of a different area to hook up a switch to easily. But if you do do it let me know how it turns out.

Does your si take like 3 cranks to start every time even when warm?(i mean you hold the key and the engine turns 2-3 times before start up) Just asking because on my old metro and escort you just had to barely make contact with the key and the thing roared to life. This one seems to take the same amount of time to start regardless of temperature or amount of time running.
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