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Posting here to subscribe. I haven't gotten over onto the West side yet. They should be just down the street from World Cafe and Sam Bonds Garage.

Safety comes down to what that Eagle Door is made of and how thoroughly it clamps to the roll cage. Was it the Edison2 or the Elio that did so well in the 40% offset head-on collision? This would be similar.

Styling-wise, I'd rather see a three-wheel version of the VW NILS:

Although it's door isn't nearly as cool, a gull wing with gas struts. The Eagle Door linkage throws it clear over the top of the car. Could be great in the rain.

Edit: Whelp. I went to their website to get the name of their social media person, and I get Failure to Connect and Redirect Loop error messages. I'll try again tomorrow.

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