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Originally Posted by UFO View Post
Sorry, no. Nuclear waste continues to build up and be hazardous to life for millenia to come. Direct solar in the form of wind, biomass, hydro, PV, concentration and tidal is the way to go if one is concerned with sustainability.
Really take reneck's advice above and

Most waste, the most dangerous as well, can be recycled and reused. The rest is mostly "potentially contaminated" that is difficult to clear (even though it isn't measurable) or it has very low levels of radiation. Smoke detectors or Coleman lantern mantels give off more radiation then some of this stuff.
I once was doing normal search for uncontrolled radioactive material we periodically did and was able to detect a shipyard worker 40 feet away through a steel wall who had been given a barium xray the day before. Crazy levels, more then anything our reactor exposed us to as a common medical procedure.
This lady is a trip, and has a ton of videos. Here is one about eating apples from Chernobyl and comparing it to mushrooms from Germany.
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