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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
I think I"m going to have 2 separate power boards. One with electrolytic caps, and one with dc link film caps. You can fit 12 of 60uF film caps, for a total ripple rating of about 200amp. But the cost is about $160. You can also do 15 of 470uF 400v electrolytic caps that have similar characteristics to the ones I use in the 500amp DC controller (so I know it would be good enough). That would also make the DC bus change much more slowly from the boosting and bucking (millisec instead of microsec) so you wouldn't have to be quite as vigilant in the software. And then you can also do it for $59. So, then the cost of parts would be $290 (in quantity 1) or so. Well, you would need an extra current sensor, dang it. I can only fit 2 on the power board.The 3000hour rating isn't such a big deal. That's like 1 hour of driving daily for 9 years.
- I'm wondering about the possibilities of integrating it with the circular design.
- Those ring caps can take huge ripple currents IE the 700V/1000uF cap can handle 300Arms @ 85C. Would this be adequate for a shared inverter/booster?
- What is **rougly** the board area requirement for the booster? I'm guessing the inverter area would be similar to the rev2 version, right?
- integrating boost inductor would be an issue. How about externally, with some plugs or maybe vertically, underneath the bus capacitor?

- E*clipse
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