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Originally Posted by thingstodo View Post
How are you planning to mount your controller?

Why do I ask? If it is very close to the motor, mounting the inductor between the motor and the controller allows using the motor as a heat sink for both the controller and the inductor.

Hmm. The controller likely wants to be MUCH cooler than the motor needs to be. Perhaps the controller can be the heat sink? But it makes more sense to have the motor tightly coupled to the motor casing ... and the inductor kinda pasted onto the side of the motor casing?

As usual, this would likely cause some noise to interfere with the operation of the controller.
I'm planning to mount the controller pretty close to the motor. Basically right next to the motor, but in a less harsh environment.

I'm planning to use a separate cooling system for the motors and controllers; they could probably use the same system, as I'm probably going to use ATF as the fluid in both. I'm
not sure about that yet; it could save some hardware.

Like you say, the controllers would like cooler fluid than the motors. Also the motor's oil is shared by the gearbox - it won't necessarily be clean.

- E*clipse
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