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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
The 3 boards I'm doing are meant for ghetto cheap "put it together yourself in the jungle with only a hand drill". The schematic would basically be the same though. Just stick the components in different spots on a circular driver board and control board.

EDIT: They don't yet exist in real life. JUst on the the computer, so I can't send it up to you, thingstodo. I wish it was done!
Yea, this certainly doens't meet those specs - LOL! The primary goal in this case is something light and small, since I will need 4 of them.

So - some quickee measurements - The new designs circuit board is about 265mm in diameter. That works out to about 85 square inches, minus the current sensors, etc.

The rev 2 revolt board is about 40 sq. in. So, there should be enough room for a boost stage!

- E*clipse
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