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Homebrewed I-Eloop

I am starting this thread to document my efforts to make a homemade I-eloop system for Champagne. The plans thus far;

Research and make electrically engaged clutch to activate the regen cycle on the alternator when decelerating.

Research capacitor bank size necessary to produce enough energy to be effective and realistically beneficial to use as a source of power.

A DC/DC converter will be necessary for this. When it comes to electronics I know enough to get this off the ground but will rely heavily on input and advice from the more experienced members. This will be an all together effort

For logic control I plan on using my Arduino. I would prefer to do this on the cheap and try to reuse my alternator only design the clutch for the current pully. I have axis to machinists through work so I don't think this will be a problem.

Otherwise if this is not feasible for Champagne it will still serve as a very useful learning experience.

I will continually update this as I go and acquire/ design the required components for this system.



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