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Most Metro models are the 1.0L 3 cylinder gasoline engine, but some came with the 1.3L 4 cylinder engine. The standard shift 5 speed was best for fuel economy.

A good cam would be a swap from a Metro XFi model which was ground for fuel economy or having your cam reground. There are also lots of other MPG improvements to be made to the Suzuki engine such as and advanced timing gear, ignition timing, exhaust upgrades, etc.

whats so hot about metros
40+ MPG easily if it's running right
Really fun to drive
Easy to work on
Park it anywhere
Roomier than expected interior
Good in snow with the stock tires and height
Getting rare in certain parts of US and Canada

I am an older guy who used to love muscle cars, but ever since this little car came into my hands, something strange happened to me and this weird addiction with a "piece of crap" is overwhelming. I actually feel like I am 16 again with my very first car.

You either love them or hate them.
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