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I'm such a liar. I totally skipped out on studying today and went to the junkyard with my neighbor.

The online parts inventory said they had 2 metros. I got there and both were autos. They did have the little trim piece I needed, and the driver's side mirror.

As we are walking out I ask the guy if they have any Metros not on the inventory or recently put out. He says, "Yeah, we have one out there, a 1998 metro, row 70, it's been there for 4 months so it's probably pretty well stripped, we're gonna crush it soon if they didn't already..."

Aside from the timing belt cover and all four wheels NOTHING was missing. It appeared the engine suffered some catastrophic timing failure (seized), but the tranny, shifter, center console, etc. was all there.

My wallet is slightly lighter, but I have a manual swap "kit" of sorts sitting in the garage!
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