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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Here's a graph of the magnitude of <Vd,Vq> in blue, and the rotor flux speed in reddish-orange. I let it spin up pretty fast, and then pushed on the flywheel with a plastic cup, which melted the cup, but notice how nicely it tracked it!

So, you really ONLY have to pay attention to the RPM for knowing when you need to boost. Load makes absolutely no difference. By the way, you could probably get a loosy goosy sensorless working with ONLY using the magnitude of <Vd,Vq>. At least good enough for use with a 4 or 6 count hall effect thing.
That's a really cool test - I was wondering about that as I looked @ the ORNL Prius BEMF test - it's perfectly linear.

- E*clipse
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