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Originally Posted by azraelswrd View Post
I don't think I ever said I hated SUVs.

*quick check on post*

Nope. Some ad hoc humor at my upbringing and the mentality of car dealers trying to sell something tomorrow that isn't selling today. Besides, I can't hate all SUV drivers... that would mean I'd have to hate half of my relatives.

Plus I've been helping my sister get better on squeezing the juice from her highlander.
I Feel the same way; However I did say it, but I meant it as a joke, see the next line of my post.

I know I've saved more fuel in other peoples SUV's than I use, primary by inflating tires and talking 2 Expedition owners out of 50wt oil. Do I wish that they would drive a smaller, safer vehicle, YES, do I tell them that, No.
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