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Found this on cruzetalk, I think this is what ME_Andy was talking about. Other than this all I could find was people wanting to keep the alternator charging to feed their power hungry aftermarket sound systems. This information is the same that is on GM's website.

I had been thinking that this might just be a side effect of the deceleration fuel cut off (DFCO) system since the car wouldn't need to be firing the cylinders while fuel wasn't being supplied to the engine but then I found this article on the Cruze's Regulated Voltage Control (RVC).

Chevy Cruze regulates voltage to boost fuel economy — Autoblog Green

This article says that the alternator normally provides reduced voltage during normal driving to reduce load on the engine and it implies that the alternator engages a bit more than usual when you are decelerating and no fuel is being supplied to the engine (due to DFCO). The alternator reclaims some kinetic energy to keep the car's electrical systems running and charge the battery. Kind of cool I guess

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